• Must-have equipment for your new garage

    Posted on August 2nd, 2014 Ms. Emmalee Robel No comments

    As a highly-skilled mechanic, with several years of experience, you have decided that the time is right for you to take the plunge and start up your own business. With a limited mount of money to invest, you need to decide what pieces of equipment you want to buy. However skilled a mechanic you are, your business will not function efficiently without some essential pieces of kit. Here are a few essentials you might want to purchase before you take the plunge and branch out on your own.

    Tool chest

    Every mechanic accumulates a large number of tools, and a tool chest is essential to keep them organised and safe. Having a good tool chest to hand will make every job quicker and easier as you will not waste time looking for a tool you have mislaid. Tool chests come in an extensive range of sizes and finishes, and can be something of a status symbol amongst mechanics.


    A good lift will greatly increase your work rate, and while lifts are among the more expensive items of equipment that you will need, it is worth paying for a good quality lift that will be serviceable for a long time. Two post lifts can be used for jobs on most family-sized cars, while a four-post lift is needed for working on larger commercial vehicles.

    Trolley Jack

    Handy for quick lifts, a versatile trolley jack can be used indoors or outside, and it makes all inspection jobs easier. Trolley jacks are available in different sizes to suit whatever vehicles you are working on.

    Vehicle Mover

    A vehicle mover makes light work of moving cars and other vehicles without the need to start their engines. They are ideal for use in a confined space: vehicle movers speed up your work rate and help to prevent accidents, strain and injury to operatives. Using a vehicle mover means that one person can move a car that, in the past, would have taken up to four people to move by muscle power. Stringo¬†offer a range of ergonomically-designed, environmentally-friendly vehicle movers suitable for all settings, from large commercial enterprises to an enthusiast’s home garage.


    Air compressors are used to power many air tools used by mechanics, and also provide the supply to air fed masks worn by operatives carrying out bodywork.

    Air tools

    Air tools are great savers of time and labour; you will need as a minimum air wrenches in a range of sizes, an air ratchet and an air drill. If you are planning to do bodywork, a spray gun is a necessary piece of kit.

    Tyre changer

    A tyre changer will really help you achieve a quick turnaround time for your customers and will soon repay the initial investment. Tyre changers work by using a bead breaker to ease the tyre away from the wheel rim; the tyre can then be rotated away from the car in a clockwise direction.