• Good Tools For Your New Garage

    Posted on August 14th, 2014 Ms. Emmalee Robel No comments

    Once you’ve set the new garage up and you’re feeling pretty good about it, it’s time to bring in the tools. These are the everyday instruments that will feel as important to a garage-owner as their car so it’s imperative to bring in the essentials first:


    A workbench is going to be needed for any activity you plan on undertaking in your garage and so if you haven’t already installed one, do it immediately. It can be a simple and sophisticated tool and most franchise stores offer excellent prices for products made from strong steel which will get the job done just fine. If you’re feeling ambitious, you can take on the job yourself and build it from scratch.


    Vices are used for holding your work steady whilst you operate on them and are just as vital as the workbench you’ve recently assembled/bought. This is an ideal device for those working on smaller parts or bicycles but it is important that you invest in a good, sturdy model otherwise you’ll get nothing done and regret it later down the line. Again, it’s a very simple tool that is often unfairly overlooked.

    Safety Gear

    There are going to be plenty of machines in your garage that can cause harm if operated in the wrong way so safety gear should be in place before you press the ‘On’ switch. Eye protection is a must as sparks will fly so glasses are first on the list followed by working gloves, allowing you to handle hot and sharp objects as well as avoiding making a mess. Safety guides should be downloaded and studied meticulously before operating any dangerous machinery.

    Wrench Set

    A wrench set is a very standard set of tools but a wrench will come in handy for most tasks you wish to complete in your garage so it’s a good idea to get them in early. A four-way wrench is a specific model, ideal for removing tyres from cars as long as it is made from sturdy material that will not bend and buckle under a little bit of pressure.

    Tool Chest

    Finally, a tool chest is necessary to remove clutter and increase storage options. Not only is it efficient (ensuring you’re not searching far and wide for the appropriate tools), but it also allows you to keep the garage clear which can prevent any safety hazards occurring and enables you to purchase more tools and maintain some form of organisation as you work.