• Good Portable Garages on the Market

    Posted on September 2nd, 2014 Ms. Emmalee Robel No comments

    Parking a car in a garage is a sensible way of keeping it protected from the worst of the weather although not every home has one attached. For owners that have space available on a driveway or paved area, a portable garage is an option to consider. These can easily be erected by anyone and some of the best options on the market include the following.


    Cover-Tech portable garages are available in a range of sizes, from smaller 7-foot high door models that are suitable for a car to 14-foot high door structures in which it is possible to park a truck or RV. These are typically fitted with a roll up door, with the larger sizes incorporating a hand crank to make this easier to open. The garages are made of a heavy duty steel frame, with a polythene fabric stretched over this to completely seal in the space. This ensures maximum protection for the vehicle and other items stored inside.

    Shelter Logic

    Shelter Logic has an inventory of over one thousand products, with the portable garages they have available coming in a range of styles. This ranges from simple roofed car ports under which a vehicle can be parked to full portable garages that are totally enclosed. These are typically made of steel frames with a powder coat protective finish and a waterproof triple-layer covering fabric. The cover is treated to protect it against UV rays and fungal growth, and this helps to keep it in good condition for many years.

    Kodiak Shelter Systems

    Kodiak offers a few different portable garage configurations, with smaller models aimed at one car and larger structures capable of accommodating two vehicles. Both styles feature a galvanized steel frame over which a UV resistant, ripstop fabric is placed. Smaller garages are round-topped, while the larger structures come with either a round or gable top. A zipper front closes the door to ensure complete protection from the elements.