• Convert your garage to a man cave

    Posted on July 7th, 2018 Ms. Emmalee Robel No comments

    Why use your garage to store the car when it could be used for so many other things – like your personal man cave. Garage conversions have always been the favourite option for those seeking extra living space. Compared to loft conversions or house extensions, they are cheap to transform and the work can be completed with minimum disruption to the household. Whether your garage is of bricks and mortar or modular construction, the conversion can be as basic or elaborate as you like, depending on your needs and the depth of your pocket.

    Your Basic Man Cave Conversion

    Let’s assume you want a bolthole to invite the guys round at the weekend, and somewhere you can escape the rug-rats occasionally. All you need do is insulate and board the floor, walls and ceiling to prepare for those cold UK winters. Lock the main garage door, and add a single door in your chosen position. Make sure you have enough power to run two sets of fluorescent lighting, and liberally dot electrical sockets around the cave for your gadgets.

    Fixtures and Fittings

    Much will depend on space, but if possible add a comfortable armchair for your chill time. Include a narrow dining or coffee table and matching chairs or stools, for those card sessions with the lads. Add a basic drinks cabinet with optics on the wall and fridge to keep the cans cool. If you have space, a pool table will go down well. Fit your flat screen to the wall, add your box, and set up your laptop to enjoy some online gaming when you have a little you time. This basic set-up can be considerably expanded. With good DIY skills you can include windows and skylights to allow in maximum natural light. Include a work bench if you enjoy model making or wood carving. Add wall lights and pool table lighting. Hang pictures of the family or your favourite sporting events, but most importantly, make it your man cave.