• How to Organize an Exciting Poker Night in Your Garage

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    A poker night is a great way to have some fun with your friends or family.

    What do You Need?

    If you don’t yet have a poker table, you can easily buy one of the various e-commerce sites. Depending on how much room you have in your garage you can decide on the size of the table and how many seats you can comfortably fit in. For an amazing poker night, you’ll want to have great lighting, so a few adjustments to your system can help create the casino-type scenery. Add some good music to create a nice atmosphere. Now that you have your furniture in place, you can move onto the soft technicalities of setting up your poker night party. Consider using custom invitations to announce your friends about your event. You can design your invitations by using graphics editors like Photoshop or Canva. For an old-school approach, you can print out the invitations and send them by post. However, emails are more efficient. Next, you should decide whether you will act as the dealer or hire a professional. A casino dealer will always up the party’s standard. To help you create an authentic casino mood, you can put together a guide about poker etiquette. Make sure you learn and share the rules of the game. A good approach is to email the guide to your friends or have it available at your party. It will guarantee that each player acts on his turn, you’ll avoid misunderstanding about bets or mistakes when dealing the cards. Standard poker rules should also be followed by you and your friends to make sure the game runs smoothly. You don’t want anyone getting upset at your poker night party.

    Before We Go

    Organizing a poker night in your garage is the best way to enjoy quality time with your friends and family. However, if you’re using real money and not fake chips, the most important advice we can give you is to follow the rules and make sure everybody knows them. Now you can enjoy a great poker night in your garage!

  • Top Tips For Hosting A Poker Night In Your Garage

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    Is it your turn to host your friends for the evening? If you’re looking for something a bit more out of the ordinary to build a bit of excitement, consider hosting your very own poker night. Full of tactics, suspense and everyone’s best ‘poker face’, it’s a great way to create and evenings entertainment everyone will enjoy. It could even build into a regular event to form a series of social evenings.

    Setting Up Your Poker Night

    The basics obviously involve the equipment: a poker table, cards and chips. Ask around to see if you can borrow these from someone (or possibly from a party hire company) if you’re just trying it out for an evening. A lot of the success of the evening will be down to the atmosphere. Imagine you were walking into a poker room: what would you like to see? Think about your lighting – it needs to be clear enough for everyone to see their cards, but rather than just a harsh overhead light you could use lamps around the room for a warmer atmosphere. Add in some jazzy music in the background to really add to the character.

    Keep Everyone Well Fed

    You want to have some snacks planned to keep everyone going, especially if you’re planning on the games going on for a while. Snacks you can eat with one hand make it easier to continue to join in with playing. They could be simple bar snacks, like peanuts, crisps and olives – or if you’re a dab hand in the kitchen, you could attempt homemade guacamole or pizza for something a bit more filling. Beer may be the expected drink, but have a range of options for people who may prefer otherwise – like cocktails (with some non-alcoholic recipes to hand) or wine.

    Get To Know The Rules!

    To really make your night go smoothly, you don’t want to be fumbling around trying to recall half-remembered poker rules. Have a read through the rules of the game before everyone arrives, and you could even practice playing poker online to help you gain confidence – and maybe even a bit of an advantage!

  • Convert your garage to a man cave

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    Why use your garage to store the car when it could be used for so many other things – like your personal man cave. Garage conversions have always been the favourite option for those seeking extra living space. Compared to loft conversions or house extensions, they are cheap to transform and the work can be completed with minimum disruption to the household. Whether your garage is of bricks and mortar or modular construction, the conversion can be as basic or elaborate as you like, depending on your needs and the depth of your pocket.

    Your Basic Man Cave Conversion

    Let’s assume you want a bolthole to invite the guys round at the weekend, and somewhere you can escape the rug-rats occasionally. All you need do is insulate and board the floor, walls and ceiling to prepare for those cold UK winters. Lock the main garage door, and add a single door in your chosen position. Make sure you have enough power to run two sets of fluorescent lighting, and liberally dot electrical sockets around the cave for your gadgets.

    Fixtures and Fittings

    Much will depend on space, but if possible add a comfortable armchair for your chill time. Include a narrow dining or coffee table and matching chairs or stools, for those card sessions with the lads. Add a basic drinks cabinet with optics on the wall and fridge to keep the cans cool. If you have space, a pool table will go down well. Fit your flat screen to the wall, add your box, and set up your laptop to enjoy some online gaming when you have a little you time. This basic set-up can be considerably expanded. With good DIY skills you can include windows and skylights to allow in maximum natural light. Include a work bench if you enjoy model making or wood carving. Add wall lights and pool table lighting. Hang pictures of the family or your favourite sporting events, but most importantly, make it your man cave.

  • Good Modular Garages on the Market Today

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    While a garage can be quite an important part of any home, some structures may not come equipped with such an addition. Thanks to modern building techniques and materials, this problem can be solved with the use of a modular garage. As the name denotes, this is a type of garage that is prefabricated from reliable materials. These units generally come in a number of sizes and they are able to accommodate a variety of needs. So, let’s take a look at some of the most popular brands within the United Kingdom.

    Total Modular

    Total Modular specialises in modular buildings and their selection of garages is quite impressive. Most models are constructed from high-strength galvanised steel that is welded firmly into place. This allows the garage to be lighter than a traditional concrete model while also being sturdy enough to stand up to years of wear and tear.

    H2 Engineering

    This company is located in Northern Ireland and it provides a number of different options in regards to modular garages and sheds. While steel is offered, there are also units comprised of multiple materials such as brick, vinyl and concrete. Many of these can be designed to meet exacting specifications. From cost-effective models to those that are considered to be some of the most luxurious and modern in the industry, H2 Engineering has developed a robust customer base over the years.

    Lidget Compton

    While some customers desire a lightweight garage, other tasks may require a more sturdy frame (such as servicing industrial vehicles and equipment). In this case, Lidget supplies prefabricated concrete garages. All of their structures come with no less than a ten-year guarantee and a number of attractive finishes such as stone and brick are available.For those seeking a bespoke, sturdy and long-lasting modular garage, these three suppliers are considered to be some of the most reputable throughout the United Kingdom. Such cost-effective options are ideally suited for nearly any existing property.

  • Good Portable Garages on the Market

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    Parking a car in a garage is a sensible way of keeping it protected from the worst of the weather although not every home has one attached. For owners that have space available on a driveway or paved area, a portable garage is an option to consider. These can easily be erected by anyone and some of the best options on the market include the following.


    Cover-Tech portable garages are available in a range of sizes, from smaller 7-foot high door models that are suitable for a car to 14-foot high door structures in which it is possible to park a truck or RV. These are typically fitted with a roll up door, with the larger sizes incorporating a hand crank to make this easier to open. The garages are made of a heavy duty steel frame, with a polythene fabric stretched over this to completely seal in the space. This ensures maximum protection for the vehicle and other items stored inside.

    Shelter Logic

    Shelter Logic has an inventory of over one thousand products, with the portable garages they have available coming in a range of styles. This ranges from simple roofed car ports under which a vehicle can be parked to full portable garages that are totally enclosed. These are typically made of steel frames with a powder coat protective finish and a waterproof triple-layer covering fabric. The cover is treated to protect it against UV rays and fungal growth, and this helps to keep it in good condition for many years.

    Kodiak Shelter Systems

    Kodiak offers a few different portable garage configurations, with smaller models aimed at one car and larger structures capable of accommodating two vehicles. Both styles feature a galvanized steel frame over which a UV resistant, ripstop fabric is placed. Smaller garages are round-topped, while the larger structures come with either a round or gable top. A zipper front closes the door to ensure complete protection from the elements.

  • Good Tools For Your New Garage

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    Once you’ve set the new garage up and you’re feeling pretty good about it, it’s time to bring in the tools. These are the everyday instruments that will feel as important to a garage-owner as their car so it’s imperative to bring in the essentials first:


    A workbench is going to be needed for any activity you plan on undertaking in your garage and so if you haven’t already installed one, do it immediately. It can be a simple and sophisticated tool and most franchise stores offer excellent prices for products made from strong steel which will get the job done just fine. If you’re feeling ambitious, you can take on the job yourself and build it from scratch.


    Vices are used for holding your work steady whilst you operate on them and are just as vital as the workbench you’ve recently assembled/bought. This is an ideal device for those working on smaller parts or bicycles but it is important that you invest in a good, sturdy model otherwise you’ll get nothing done and regret it later down the line. Again, it’s a very simple tool that is often unfairly overlooked.

    Safety Gear

    There are going to be plenty of machines in your garage that can cause harm if operated in the wrong way so safety gear should be in place before you press the ‘On’ switch. Eye protection is a must as sparks will fly so glasses are first on the list followed by working gloves, allowing you to handle hot and sharp objects as well as avoiding making a mess. Safety guides should be downloaded and studied meticulously before operating any dangerous machinery.

    Wrench Set

    A wrench set is a very standard set of tools but a wrench will come in handy for most tasks you wish to complete in your garage so it’s a good idea to get them in early. A four-way wrench is a specific model, ideal for removing tyres from cars as long as it is made from sturdy material that will not bend and buckle under a little bit of pressure.

    Tool Chest

    Finally, a tool chest is necessary to remove clutter and increase storage options. Not only is it efficient (ensuring you’re not searching far and wide for the appropriate tools), but it also allows you to keep the garage clear which can prevent any safety hazards occurring and enables you to purchase more tools and maintain some form of organisation as you work.

  • Must-have equipment for your new garage

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    As a highly-skilled mechanic, with several years of experience, you have decided that the time is right for you to take the plunge and start up your own business. With a limited mount of money to invest, you need to decide what pieces of equipment you want to buy. However skilled a mechanic you are, your business will not function efficiently without some essential pieces of kit. Here are a few essentials you might want to purchase before you take the plunge and branch out on your own.

    Tool chest

    Every mechanic accumulates a large number of tools, and a tool chest is essential to keep them organised and safe. Having a good tool chest to hand will make every job quicker and easier as you will not waste time looking for a tool you have mislaid. Tool chests come in an extensive range of sizes and finishes, and can be something of a status symbol amongst mechanics.


    A good lift will greatly increase your work rate, and while lifts are among the more expensive items of equipment that you will need, it is worth paying for a good quality lift that will be serviceable for a long time. Two post lifts can be used for jobs on most family-sized cars, while a four-post lift is needed for working on larger commercial vehicles.

    Trolley Jack

    Handy for quick lifts, a versatile trolley jack can be used indoors or outside, and it makes all inspection jobs easier. Trolley jacks are available in different sizes to suit whatever vehicles you are working on.

    Vehicle Mover

    A vehicle mover makes light work of moving cars and other vehicles without the need to start their engines. They are ideal for use in a confined space: vehicle movers speed up your work rate and help to prevent accidents, strain and injury to operatives. Using a vehicle mover means that one person can move a car that, in the past, would have taken up to four people to move by muscle power. Stringo offer a range of ergonomically-designed, environmentally-friendly vehicle movers suitable for all settings, from large commercial enterprises to an enthusiast’s home garage.


    Air compressors are used to power many air tools used by mechanics, and also provide the supply to air fed masks worn by operatives carrying out bodywork.

    Air tools

    Air tools are great savers of time and labour; you will need as a minimum air wrenches in a range of sizes, an air ratchet and an air drill. If you are planning to do bodywork, a spray gun is a necessary piece of kit.

    Tyre changer

    A tyre changer will really help you achieve a quick turnaround time for your customers and will soon repay the initial investment. Tyre changers work by using a bead breaker to ease the tyre away from the wheel rim; the tyre can then be rotated away from the car in a clockwise direction.