• How to Build a Garage

    Any person can construct a garage from the ground up; but how well it comes out depends on the amount of planning, and the workmanship put into it. Hence, before you think about starting on the job, you need to research, gather the materials you need, and also get a plan and a permit.Garage door More importantly, you need to find out about the local rules that apply to your project – in most areas, you will find height restrictions that you will have to abide by. If you are in a location that is managed by a homeowners association, you will also need to consult them just to be certain that no one will have an issue with your new structure. Once you have taken care of the above-mentioned matters, you can now start the building process. Here are the steps to follow:

    Excavate the Site and Put Up the Foundation

    The first thing you need to do is to dig up the area where you want to do your construction. A contractor should be able to help you do this and build the foundation as well.

    Build the External Walls

    Depending on the overall height of the structure and your design, you can then move on to assembling and installing the wall frames. The longest wall should be erected first.

    Build the Door and Window Openings

    Before placing the door and window openings, you have to consider the eave side and the gable end. If you are based in a cold area, you may be better off having your garage door on the gable side where there will be less ice and snow sliding down the roof.

    Install the Air Barrier, Sheathing, and Wall Frame

    Protecting the interior of the structure against rain and wind is important and to help with this, you need to install an air barrier and sheathing material. The sheathing should be laid before the air barrier.

    Install the Roof, Door and Window

    Regardless of the type of door you have chosen, you should ensure to install it as per the manufacturer’s instructions. You will also need to insulate the areas around the door and window frames once you have the fittings fastened. Some garage doors however need a lot of work and expertise; so, if you are unable to fix it perfectly, it may bestto hire a professional installer.

    Fix the Cladding and Finish Interior Walls

    There are numerous cladding options you can use on your garage and these include aluminum, natural stone, wood fibre, cement fibre, and vinyl siding. If you have put up your garage behind your home, vinyl siding may be a great option; though it may seem less attractive, it’s cheap, durable, and lightweight .Once you have the outside walls of the garage covered, you can finish the interior ones by inserting insulation and fastening the drywall.Putting up a garage can provide you with more space for storage, a workshop, or even a home office. Depending on the amount of additional space you need as a household, you can make your new structure a one, two, or three car garage. The good thing about constructing one yourself is that it can help you save thousands compared to when you hire a builder.